| Stavanger 12:00 – 17:00
Photography Jaime Johnson

Grafill Stavanger: Earth Day Risography poster workshop

Grafill Stavanger and Norsk Risoforening welcomes you to a riso workshop with George Wietor of Issue Press. 

Photography Jaime Johnson

The workshop will be themed around Earth Day and our response to the climate breakdown. How can we as designers, illustrators and visual artists become agents of the systemic change that is needed to mitigate the effects of climate change? How can riso posters contribute to raise awareness and mobilize for climate justice action,if at all?

George Wietor operates Issue Press, a publisher and Risograph print shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. Since 2011, George has worked with an elastic mandate to publish captivating works by artists of all mediums that trade in humor, history, and exploration of place. In addition to publishing, George has initiated several side projects dedicated to the growth of the international Riso community, including: stencil.wiki; An Atlas of Modern Risography.

At &soWalter/Consulatet, Dokkgata 7, Storhaug (opposite Pedersgata/Vindmøllebakken)
22. april from 12:00 - 17:00

For beginners and experienced risograph users alike.
The workshop will be held in English. Snacks and beverages included.
We recommend you to prepare ideas, thoughts, sketches or concepts beforehand.

The workshop will provide you with basic knowledge of risograph printing or deepen your existing experience and you will have the opportunity to print an edition of your own artwork and take home (or paste them in the streets). You can work with your favourite tools, either digitally (bring computer) or analogue (draw, cut&paste, use text and/or images etc). Each participant will be creating a A3 size poster printed on a risograph EZ570. However, collaboration between the participants is highly appreciated.

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A collaboration between Grafill Stavanger, &soWalter (usw.) and Norsk Risoforening.