Grafill is a non-profit interest organisation for those studying or working within the field of visual communication in Norway. 

Established in 1991, Grafill’s 1700+ members work in graphic design, illustration, animation, comics/cartooning, and digital design. Grafill’s mandate is to advance and safeguard its members’ professional, economic, legal, and social interests. 

As a member's organisation, Grafill is by designers and for designers - we listen to and empower our members, so that the branch as a whole can have a stronger future. Grafill has 8 employees in addition to numerous Boards who oversee our strategies. Furthermore, Grafill is a national organisation comprised of eight local chapters and six professional interest groups. These chapters are ran entirely by volunteers. All of these passionate people work together to create as many opportunities for Norwegian designers as possible, whether through arranging lectures and exhibitions, judicial and political work, creating a national community and meeting point, and whatever else is necessary so everyone can grow together. 

In addition, Grafill is responsible for two annual design competitions in Norway: Visuelt, the largest competition in the field of visual communication in Norway, and Årets vakreste Bøker (The Year’s Most Beautiful Books).

Grafill is also responsible for a large selection of financial stipends which are juried in the fall of each year.

Grafill is located in Møllergata 39 in the center of Oslo, a space used to host exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and social activities.

It is our goal to be a one-stop resource center for designers working in Norway!

Below you'll find a small curation of our many services translated to English. If you have any questions, or are simply curious to learn more, we highly recommend getting in touch or setting up a low-key appointment with our staff to get to know us more! 

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  • Liz Web

    Liz Ramsey

    Arrangementskoordinator +47 925 18 410

    Liz er vår superorganisator. Hun holder i våre faglige aktiviteter, og er kontaktperson for skoler, elever, og nyutdannede. Hun bistår også Grafills faggrupper og lokallag med faglige meet-ups, seminarer og events. Liz er den du tar kontakt med om arbeidsstua/møterom i Møllergata. Liz er utdannet ved Academy of Art University i San Francisco hvor hun har to bachelor grader innen grafikk og illustrasjon. Hun har også kurs i grunnleggende lederskap fra BI og praktisk pedagogikk.