| Kroloftet 13:00 – 18:00
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Sgraffito course with Clara Holt hos Kroloftet

This workshop is suitable both for beginners and those with experience in ceramics wishing to learn about this decoration technique from an accomplished artist. 

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After a theoretical introduction and practical demonstration, participants will have the opportunity for hands-on practice by decorating their own test-tiles and a tumbler. The workshop will finish by an overview of the work of various artists to analyse a range of creative ideas that can be realised with the practiced technique. Pieces prepared during the workshop will be fired by the studio and can be picked up at a later time. The language of the workshop is English.

The technique
Sgraffito is a ceramic decoration technique where a layer of slip is applied to completely cover the surface of the pot followed by scratching or carving through this layer to reveal the color of the clay underneath, creating a contrasting design formed by the negative space. Sgraffito designs range from simple lines and shapes to complex patterns and images: the technique has been used for centuries and is found in various cultures throughout the world.

The artist
Clara Holt is an Italian artist, specializing in decoration and illustration on ceramics. She has a passion for classical literature, mythology and surrealism, which guides her research and personal interpretation of these subjects. Her unique pieces are illustrated with drawings inspired by places, mythology or childhood stories.

Prices and Registration
Workshop kr. 1800,-
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The registration is binding. We do not refund the course fee if you do not attend. There is no refund of the course fee in case of illness, quarantine, or similar circumstances, but the spot can be transferred to another person.

Welcome to the workshp at Kroloftet, 28. juli kl. 13.00!

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For more information: claraholt.com , instagram.com/clara.holt.ceramics