| Stavanger 13:00 – 22:00
Blender Workshop Grafill

Grafill Stavanger: Julebord og Blender Workshop

Join Grafill Stavanger for a Blender Workshop and/or Christmas party - this will be a day of fun!

Blender Workshop Grafill

Blender Workshop with Fredrik Kleppe:
A basic blender workshop with festive vibes! 

This is perfect for illustrators and designers completely new to Blender and 3D. We will model a stylized Santa character together and have fun! There will be festive snacks and beverages to get us in the right spirit.

We will focus on:

  • User interface and navigation
  • Adding basic shapes
  • Using modifiers
  • Editing mesh
  • Simple materials

What you need to bring:

Julebord/Christmas party:
After the Blender Workshop we will have a laid back julebord/ Christmas party! This includes food from the Christmas menu from Fortou/Fôr, as well as something to drink! Hope to see you there, either at the workshop, at the Christmas party, or both!

13.00–17.00 Blender Workshop
18.00-22.00 Julebord / Christmas Party

Priser og påmelding
Medlem Workshop kr. 0,-
Medlem Julefest kr. 300,-

Ikke-medlem Workshop kr. 200,-
Ikke-medlem Julebord kr. 600,-


Ikke medlem ennå? Du kan enkelt melde deg inn her!

Onsdag 6. desember 2023
Kl. 13.00-20.00
Rogaland Kunstsenter, Nytorget 17, 4013 Stavanger, Norge