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SOWING SEEDS Photo Exhibition - Only open this week

This exhibition, arranged by Støttegruppe for Nordøst-Japan, introduces 4 Japanese photographers’ lifework images. The photographers belong to another volunteer group called TAKARAMONO, providing flower seeds to destroyed area, delivering shoes for children who lost houses, and telling the stories by taking pictures.

SOWING SEEDS represents the photographers’ activity, but also it has meanings of "spreading information¨. Showing over  400 photos in different formats from period of March 2011 up to now, this will give visitors personal reminder but also new vision towards the stricken area.

SOWING SEEDS is again a support activity to raise donation through selling photos at the Grafill R21. Donation from this exhibition will be given to Non Profit Organization MIRAITO based around Fukushima, http://www.miraito.info .

For more information, please contact: posters4japan@gmail.com

SOWING SEEDS Photo Exhibition
11th - 23rd March 
Mon-Sun 10-17, Thur 10-19

Grafill R21, Rosenkrantz gate 21, 0160 Oslo

Støttegruppe for Nordøst Japan is a volunteer organization based in Norway, run by Oslo based Japanese since the Tsunami disaster in 2011 March.

The group arranged ¨Posters For Japan —100 ting til ettertanke —¨  exhibition at DogA Oslo in 2011 May ,( http://www.postersforjapan.no ) and also invited by Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo to exhibit their concept and posters as a ‘Norwegian graphic design group’ at Tokyo Graphic Passport in October2011.

After their visit to NorthEast Japan together with one of the photographer exhibiting this time, Haruka Fujita, they came to this conclusion to have one more exhibition here in Oslo.

- It was only two full days of preliminary visit for our 3rd exhibition planning, however  the trip completely re-opened our eyes. There, we saw plenty of destroyed landscapes and buildings  which we expected to be cleared out, but they weren’t. 

- We passed by many empty dead villages because of evacuation. Some towns  which never hit by Tsunami because of its positioning were there as if nothing had  happened. We also had some chances to talk with locals, working hard trying to  have their normal life back.

- This has to be told, has to be reminded and has to be seen by pictures, because everyone including us start forgetting about it. The mission we felt now here is to  spread and share.