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Kom og bli inspirert av Loulou&Tummie! (Illustrasjon: Loulou&Tummie)

Grafill Stavanger: Loulou & Tummie

Grafill Stavanger invites you to a weekend of inspiration with Loulou & Tummie!

Kom og bli inspirert av Loulou&Tummie! (Illustrasjon: Loulou&Tummie)

Kom og bli inspirert av Loulou&Tummie! (Illustrasjon: Loulou&Tummie)

Loulou & Tummie is a Dutch creative duo formed by illustrators Laurens and Chantal. They found a symbiosis by combining Chantals cute and graceful drawings and Laurens’ more sleek, geometric designs.

Over the past eighteen years they filled their portfolio with illustrations, animations and character designs for books, games, advertisement, murals, packaging, toys, clothes and installations. They have been working with many international brands such as Nickelodeon, Netflix, Converse, Warner Bros, Disney, Google, Samsung and many others.
Grafill Stavanger has invited them for two events: An engaging lecture about their process and a hands-on workshop!

Lecture -
 During this evening, they will present their work and answer all your questions!

Date: Fredag 24 March 2023
Time: 20:00 - 22:00
Place: Rogaland Kunstsenter / Nytorget 17, Stavanger, Norway
Tickets: https://app.checkin.no/event/5...

Workshop - In this workshop we’re going to draw fun characters by using limitations. We’ll find inspiration in geometric shapes, challenge ourselves by setting simple rules and pick colours that pop.

All material for the workshop will be provided but you can have your phone / tablet / computer you want to draw in digital

Date: Saturday 25 March 2023
Time: 11:00 - 14:00
Place: Rogaland Kunstsenter / Nytorget 17, Stavanger, Norway
Tickets: https://app.checkin.no/event/5...