| Stavanger 20:00 – 22:00
Stavanger Ciaran

Grafill Stavanger: Ciaran Glöbel talk - typography and sign painting

Ciaran Glöbel is a self-taught signwriter and commercial artist specialising in hand-rendered typography, working primarily with enamel and acrylic. Since opening his workshop in Glasgow city centre in 2013 he was worked for a variety of independent and corporate clients including DF Concerts, Jameson Whiskey, Network Rail, Academy Music Group, Irn Bru, BBC Scotland and many more.

Stavanger Ciaran

Glöbel will present some of his work, going from his signpainting masterpieces to his work in street art. He will also explain his techniques and process. Typography lovers out there, prepare you for an evening full of inspirations and good talks!

Gratis for medlemmer og 100 kr for ikke-medlemmer.

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