| Cafe Sør, Torggata 11 18:00 – 20:00
Fn Ai 3000X2000

Fight Night: AI illustration - Exciting tools or new competition?

The word on everyone's tongues: AI art. Can a machine be creative, and are creative jobs safe?

Fn Ai 3000X2000

The future means lots of things to lots of people. It’s a place of uncertainty – and this instability can be scary or exciting depending on the person facing it.

Technology is synonymous with the future, despite how people may feel about. The convenience, the efficiency, the possibilities! But at what cost?

The word on everyone's tongues: AI art. Can a machine be creative, and are creative jobs safe?

We bring on two teams who have some strong opinions both, to generalize, for and against this development. What does this mean for designers, who oftentimes already feel threatened, disrespected, and cast aside? Or is all this just a very human reaction to development and evolution, similar to when horse breeders met automobiles?

What do you think: Will machines inherit the earth? Or does humanity still offer something truly unique that can never be replaced?

Stener Torgersen Vaagland
Michael Puntschuh
Sam Bannister

Anders Nærø Tangen
Jonatan Austigard
Marius Renberg

Fight Night
Fight Night is a playful, informal, and quite possibly loud discussion between professionals who are actually affected by the themes being discussed. Grafill wants to create an arena where there is room for different perspectives and strong opinions, where diversity is considered a strength and not a threat. And hopefully, we can all get a little smarter.

This event isn't just a passive debate on stage - we encourage the audience to get involved and be a part of the discussion! Not only will we take questions beforehand (for those who may be too nervous to ask in person), but all audience members will be encouraged to ask questions during the event.

Have something on your mind? Get in touch at liz@grafill.no.

Date: Tuesday Nov 1, 2022
Time: 1800 - 2000
Place: Cafe Sør, Torggata 11 Oslo
Language: English

Fight Night is free for everyone and all participants are volunteers. No registration – first come, first served.

Illustrasjon: Emil Johnson Ellefsen