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Grafill Moving Image: Creativity and Visual Expression: A seminar on developing a personal style in the era of digital tools

Grafill Moving Image and Grafill Illustration invite you to a seminar filled with inspiring talks centered around the art of picture making, storytelling, and how to create new and meaningful concepts and illustrations.

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The goal for this event is to inspire participants to take their own style seriously and to seek inspiration beyond known and established tropes prevalent in the entertainment industry today. We want to contribute to a movement towards the unknown and encourage unique voices to shine!

Throughout the day, lecturers will speak about how they have tackled the challenge of conformity and give us insight to their own creative process in the hopes of sparking audience’s confidence in making new and exciting choices in their work.

The lectures will have a particular focus on how to cultivate your own creative perspective and visual expression, and how this valuable journey can enlighten the artist, the artwork, and the audience.

The event is comprised of three engaging lectures by some of today’s best designers and finishes with a panel debate with all lecturers, with time set aside for questions from the audience at the end.

Although the lecturers share a common background in concept art and visual development in animation, the lectures contain a more philosophical and cognitive approach more than discussing specific techniques and is therefore relevant for a diverse creative audience.

If you are someone involved with picture making in any sense – from film, games, books, comics, illustrations, or design, and regardless of if you work as a professional, student or hobbyist then this seminar is for you! If you want to learn more about how to create better images that feel like you, then we hope to see you at this event.

The ticket price includes lunch, please supply any dietary restrictions when registering. 

About the speakers

Florian Aupetit (FRA)
Florian has worked as Head of Lighting with The SPA Studios in Madrid for the last six years, and worked as Lighing Supervisor on Klaus, Netflix’s first animated film. The film won 7 Annie Awards and 1 BAFTA, in addition to being nominated in the Oscar’s for Best Animated Film. Florian has led the team responsible for the films innovative look, especially the volumetric lighting of 2D characters, and helped develop the software used to achieve this iconic expression.

He personifies a curiosity, both in himself and in his work, that those around him describe as incredibly inspiring. We are proud to invite Florian to talk more about the value of venturing into the unknown.


Szymon Biernacki (POL)
Szymon has worked as a concept artist and production designer at The SPA Studios the past 11 years. He is best known for his work on the Oscar nominated film Klaus, where he was awarded an Annie Award for best production design.

Szymon has inspired the whole world with his unique geometric and graphic visual language. A unique characteristic of Szymon’s images is the visible lack of randomness. In his talk, Szymon will discuss this incredible attention to detail, and give us insight into how a designer can distill their ideas and inspirations into a comprehensive visual expression that pops.


Henrik Evensen (NOR)
Henrik has worked within a broad range of digital image making, from visual effects in film and tv to architectural visualization. In 2D animated films he is especially interested in how an atmosphere is communicated visually in storytelling.  Whether its via digital painting, 3D programs, or node based tools, he is constantly looking for new, abstract, and exciting ways to depict the world around him.

Henrik will talk about the value of having a personal style, how the internet cramps creativity, and the art of asking questions.

Prices and Registration
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Welcome to the seminar on Sunday May 5th, 10:00 - 15:00. 

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5. mai 2024
From 10.00 - 15.00