Ny kampanje: Keep Your Copyright

Grafill står sammen med The Association of Illustrators (AOI) og alle illustrasjonsorganisasjoner i EIF om en kampanje for å bevare rettigheter til opphavere.

Illustrasjon: Olivier Heiligers / AOI

Illustrasjon: Olivier Heiligers / AOI

Calling on illustrators and commissioners to unite and push back on copyright assignments. #

Increasingly clients are asking for copyright in commissioned work. Let’s create an open dialogue with commissioners, clients and illustrators around the importance of copyright and licensing. Let’s reduce the number of copyright assignments across the illustration industry, and encourage creators to retain the copyright in their work. Let’s make information about copyright and licensing accessible to everyone, whether you’re a new graduate, self-taught, or just in need of a recap.

Toolkit #

Read the public resource on copyright assignments, including advice on how to negotiate a fairer deal. Link to ‘How to Licence Illustration’ resource on your website to help clients who are new to commissioning illustration. Feel free to use the visual button included in AOIs Press Kit.

Read AOIs new resource on the benefits of licensing for all parties involved.

Get AOIs weekly ‘Negotiating with Confidence’ series, featuring valuable insights from illustrators, agents (Harry at Illustration X) and commissioners.

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Everything you need to know about licensing and protecting your work

More about the campaign at theaoi.com