ED-Awards Nominations 2019

The 13th edition of the European Design Awards has seen a record number of submissions for the third year in a row. Norway is ranked number three, following the Netherlands and Germany.

ED-Awards Oslo 2018 (photo Aksel Jermstad)

ED-Awards Oslo 2018 (photo Aksel Jermstad)

Since 2007 the ED-Awards is an annual awards program for the best communication design in Europe. It is based on a collaboration with the top graphic design magazines in Europe that also represent the jury.

In the “informal” country listings, the Netherlands maintained the top spot in the number of nominees followed by Germany and Norway. In total 230 projects coming from 25 different European nations managed to get a distinction, be it Gold, Silver, Bronze or simply Finalist in the ED-Awards 2019.

Here are the nominees from Norway: #

Company Logo / Neudoerfler / Bleed

Brand Logo / Flyt - Gourmet Norwegian Seaweed / Kind

Motion Logo / A recycling identity / ANTI

Motion Logo / Amerikalinjen – A hotel for the modern explorer / Scandinavian Design Group

Digital Identity Applications / CREATING A LIVING SPACE FOR LEARNING/ basic elements come to life / Knowit Experience Oslo

Digital Identity Applications / Amerikalinjen – A hotel for the modern explorer / Scandinavian Design Group

Integrated Identity Applications / Flyt - Gourmet Norwegian Seaweed / Kind

Single Book Cover / Atlas of Literary Places / Bleed

Single Book Cover / Pseudo / Bleed

Alcoholic Drink Packaging / Tails of / OlssønBarbieri

Food & Beverage Packaging / Flyt - Gourmet Norwegian Seaweed Packaging / Kind

Packaging Miscellaneous / Fauna pet food / Scandinavian design group

Motion Graphics / Passport Security / APT

Motion Graphics / The Rainforest / APT

Digital Miscellaneous / Coding is fun / APT

Digital Miscellaneous / Pushwagnesizer / Bekk

Digital Miscellaneous / Two menn, one rowboat, 6250 km of open sea / Dagens Næringsliv

Digital Self-Promotion / Bakken & Bæck / Bakken & Bæck

Self-Initiated Projects / Pseudonym Publishing / Bleed

Original Typeface – Text / PP Gymnasium / Bleed

Original Typeface - Display / Optician Sans - Vision possible / ANTI

The official announcement of the winners is going to take place in Warsaw’s Nowy Teatr on Saturday the 8th June. Parallel to the ceremony as it always happens, a rich programme of events will make a visit to Warsaw worthwhile. This time, the programme is co-organised with the Polish Graphic Design Awards and the well established Element Talks conference.

Congratulations to all the nominees!

ED-Festival Warsaw 2019

ED-Festival Oslo 2018