Award winners Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2015

Title: Velodrool (2015)

Grand Prix #

Director: Sander Joon (Estonia)

Jury’s motivation:

This is an unconventional film that took us by surprise again and again with an impressive, raw and expressionistic style. It displays playful storytelling and a willingness to break barriers. It’s a provoking yet humorous film with a free spirit and artistic attitude that leaves you with a strange longing to smoke a cigarette and lick a rabbit…

As previously stated, the winner of the Grand Prix Award will be automatically nominated for the prestigious Cartoon d’Or award 2016.

Special Mention: Best Short #

Title: Machine (2015)

Director: Sunit Parekh-Gaihede (Denmark)

Jury’s motivation:

The jury wants to reward this film for its ambitious art direction and the intriguing atmosphere it creates.

Best Short #

Title: Life with Herman H Rott (2015)

Director: Chintis Lundgren (Estonia)

Jury’s motivation:

This film has great subtlety, wit and a profound sense of character. The design and animation has a strong signature style and great timing, and the film insightfully describes the emotionally rich dynamic of a challenging relationship, with endearing offbeat humour.

Special Mention: Best Children’s Film #

Title: Three Fools (2014)

Director: Peter Hausner & Snobar Avani (Denmark)

Jury’s motivation:

“This film is about the fact that it’s not good to be greedy. But they make cool structures.”

Best Children’s Film #

Title: The Portrait (2014)
Director: Avgousta Zourelidi (Finland)

Jury’s motivation:

“We like stories about good and evil. This film is also funny. It’s cool that even a small bird can accomplish something great.”

Special Mention: Student Film #

Title: Tsunami (Denmark)

Director: Sofie Kampmark

Jury’s motivation:

Tsunami earned this special mention for its impressive craftsmanship and the contemplative way it handles the story.

Best Student Film #

Title: Parrot Away (2014)

Director: Mads Meidner (Denmark)

Jury’s motivation:

This student film is executed with great professionalism. It shows a strong talent for storytelling, combining character, story and design in a stylish and very entertaining way.

Special Mention: Commissioned Films #

Title: Amnesty (2015)

Director: Andreas J Riiser. (Norway)

Jury’s motivation:

This film really packs a punch. With its serious topic, clear storytelling and spot-on animated icons combined with live action, it touches your heart and makes you want to take action.

Best Commissioned Film #

Title: Profile film for RVTS Sør (2015)

Director: Hanne Berkaak (Norway)

Jury’s motivation:

Through using strong design to portray a difficult subject and telling the story using animated metaphors, the filmmakers have created both a beautiful work of art as well as an effective carrier of an important message. This film was unanimously decided upon as the winner.

Audience Award #

Title: The Reward – Tales of Alethrion (2014)

Directors: Kenneth Ladekjaer and Mikkel Mainz Elkjær (Denmark)