Bli kjent med Adam, Torgeir og Maren i juryen

What is your most important source of inspiration?
The people around me. That’s why it’s so important to strive to work for a studio that truly inspires you.

Adam Rowe #

How do you recognize a great idea?
A good idea should grab from the moment you set eyes upon it and it should leave you wanting more.

You’re organizing a design conference. Who would you invite as your keynote speaker? Why?
Dvein or Zeitguised. They create the work I love but without the constraints of commercial briefs.

Adam is Head of Design at ManvsMachine. He is a design director working within the world of motion, where he conceptualizes, designs, directs and animates. Adam has been working in advertising, film and both broadcast and corporate branding since 2005. As Head of Design at ManvsMachine, he is responsible for leading projects and managing teams in close dialogue with various clients. Adam also develops a number of self initiated projects and is the founder of #TwittBrief, the collaborative Twitter experiment.

Torgeir Holm #

Hva er din viktigste kilde til inspirasjon?
Mine viktigste inspirasjonskilder er kunst og popkultur, eksperimentelle «designeringeniører», brilliante programmerere og mine kolleger i bransjen.

Hvordan gjenkjenner du en virkelig god idé?
En god idé kan ha mange former. For meg er det ofte noe som overrrasker, som kommuniserer budskapet på en uventet og original måte, og får meg til å stoppe opp når jeg ser noe i et annet lys enn jeg har sett det i tidligere.

Torgeir er partner og kreativ leder for 3D og VFX i Netron. Han er utdannet grafisk designer fra SFGD, og har jobbet med design, animasjon og motion siden 1996 i selskaper som Union Design, Kjeks, Simian – og nå Netron. Blant kunder han har jobbet med er TV2, TVNorge, Monster, Tiden, Oslo Filmfestival, Toxic, Tank, Mack, Telenor, Statoil, WWF, Sigdal, DNV, SpareBank1 og ColorLine. Torgeir har mottatt Norsk Forms pris til unge formgivere, Merket for God Design, samt flere priser i Visuelt og Gullblyanten.

Maren Morstad #

What is your most important source of inspiration?
Inspiration for me is something I always try to find whenever I start a new project and try to figure out how to solve it in the best possible way. There is no specific source of inspiration for me. I keep my eyes and ears open and let myself be inspired by everything from music to a fantastic quote. That is one type of inspiration. But as a whole I do believe one should try to maintain inspired and curious in all types of situations.

What project would you like to be working on now? Why?
Just finished a very labor intensive project. 3 weeks and over 1000 hand drawn frames. So right this instance I feel more like vacation.To always maintain excited and ready for new challenges is not always easy. And being able to have a tiny breather in-between challenges maintain your enthusiasm so every new project feels like a dream project. It's always what you make it, and how much you are willing to give and put into something. Rather then it looking perfect on paper from the start.

Who or what has influenced you most to pursue a career in Design/Illustration?
My cousin, I was training as a dancer. He was working in design. I knew nothing of computers at all. Watching him create beautiful illustrations and the creative freedom photoshop and illustrator gave him. Opened up a brand new world for me. I have always felt a need to express myself creatively, so moving from ballet to design somehow felt very natural to me. When I was first introduced to After Effects, and learned the basics from a workshop at Hyper Island I was sold. Pressing render and watching my first "piece" felt like heaven and I have never looked back since.

How do you recognize a great idea?
That is a tough question. I don't think there is a recipe for that. A great idea for me can sound like rubbish to someone else. I'm surrounded by so many great ideas and minds everyday at work. It's more a case for me of wishing to see more great ideas getting the chance to get out there in the world. Rather then ending up getting lost in feedback ore disappearing in a trash can. I would say that 90% of the best work never see the light of day.

You’re organizing a design conference. Who would you invite as your keynote speaker? Why?
In a dream scenario Saul Bass. Always admired his work.

Maren is Creative Director at Eyeball in New York City. Maren was born and raised in Oslo. After graduating from Hyper Island, she began her career in London as a Freelance Director, specialized in animation and design, working for The Mill, Box TV, Sennep and weareseventeen. She moved to New York City in 2013 and joined the creative strategic design agency Eyeball as a Creative Director. At Eyeball she has worked with various projects, including "John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes" App, Siemens and Artist Oliver Clegg's video.