The Best Book Design from all over the World 2018

The Best Book Design from all over the World 2018 has been awarded. The highest prize for the world's most beautiful book goes to Switzerland.

All Awardees 2018 2 Best Book Design From All Over The World

Unique of its kind in the world, the annual book design competition »Best Book Design from all over the World« has been held in Leipzig since 1963. Since 1991 the Stiftung Buchkunst in Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig has been responsible for overseeing it. The international competition assesses books which have previously been judged and singled out for merit by specialist panels in their respective countries of origin. 

In 2017, again, an independent, international jury convened in Leipzig with the task of selecting fourteen outstandingly designed books from almost 600 of the best books from 32 countries. The highest prize is the “Goldene Letter”. 

For the first time Norway had a member in the jury.

The Jury
Susan Colberg / Canada
Jonas Voegeli / Switzerland
Aud Gloppen / Norway
Alexandra Buhl / Island
Florian Hardwig / Germany
Stefanie Schelleis / Germany
Noam Schechter / Israel

The award ceremony will be at the Leipzig Book Fair on Friday, March 16th, 4pm at Hall 3, D500.

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