Gary Baseman visits Oslo and Tromsø

Los Angeles-based Gary Baseman explores the ”beauty of the bittersweetness of life” through painting, performance, film and fashion. Baseman´s multifaceted career includes illustrations for clients including the New York Times, Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal and the bestselling board game Cranium; as well as animation for which he created the Emmy and BAFTA award-winning ABC/Disney series Teacher´s Pet. With his dynamic and abundant imagination Baseman continues to cross media platforms addressing both light and serious subject matter - fitting for today´s complex global society, where art reaches all from the digital and commercial realms to museums and beyond. Current projects include two feature-length films, a continuation of his collaboration with COACH and custom designs for Dr. Martens.

We look forward to hear his talk at the Visuelt Festival next week!

After his stay in Oslo, Gary travels up north to Grafill Tromsø and Tvibit. Limited seats.
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