Grafill's yearly stipends are an important resource for Norway's cultural contributors. Our stipends give financial support to creatives looking to improve their own creative pursuits, create new works, research, and/or expand the visual communication branch in Norway as a whole. 

Every fall professionals working in graphic design, illustration, and other visual communications have the chance to apply for a stipend with Grafill. There is no requirement to be a Grafill member, and applicants can apply for financial support for a wide range of projects such as travel, education, establishing and/or expanding a business, exhibitions, activities, and more. 

In 2022 Grafill awarded 4,850,000kr to designers working in Norway. 

These stipends are financed through the support Grafill receives from Kopinor, Norwaco, and Bibliotekvederlaget. Grafill receives these funds with a mission to support designers and to promote the creation of new culture. This means the funding Grafill receives is returned to the cultural ecosystem either in the form of public projects (such as courses, counsel and advice, and managing the creative resource center Grafill is) or individual endeavors (such as direct one-on-one support or stipends).

Below you'll find a list of what stipend types are available. Get in touch if you have any questions or are curious about anything!

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    Benedicte har ansvar for faglig kvalitetssikring i Grafill. Hun er del av rådgiverteamet, og arbeider med bransjerelaterte spørsmål, anbudskonkurranser, priser, kontrakter, avtaler og mer. Hun jobber også med strategisk utvikling, stipendordningen, lønnsundersøkelser, Visueltprisen og fagarrangement. Benedicte har mye bransjekunnskap og lang erfaring innen designfeltet med alt fra merkevare- og pakningsprosjekter til organisasjonsutvikling, og er utdannet grafisk designer fra Colorado Institute of Art.

Project Stipends #

The purpose of these stipends is to support the realisation of various creative projects, within Grafill's target fields, including but not limited to initiating, researching, developing, and marketing. You can apply for financial support for all of or for parts of a project. For larger projects, the stipend jury will prioritize projects that benefit more people and promotes to a wider audience. These stipends cannot subsidise publishing nor distribution.

You can apply for these project stipends:

Project grant - Picture book/Illustrated book
Subsidy for the realisation of a picture book, illustrated book, non-fiction book, poetry collection, etc.

Project grant - Cartoon and comics
Grants for comics, comic novels and comic books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Project grant - Publication other
Grants for the realization of various forms of publications, such as digital publications, anthologies, specialist publications, magazines, fanzines, catalogs and more.

Project grant - Exhibition
Subsidy for realisation of an exhibition. (Note: Applications for exhibitions in Grafill's house or at Deichman Grünerløkka are a separate stipend. See below)

Project grant - Research, research, documentation
Grants for research, research, deepening, documentation.

Project grant - Dissemination
Grants for conducting lectures, lecture series, workshops and courses, etc.

Project grant - Development of tools
Grants for the development of software, web solutions, tools, etc.

Project grant - Other
Grants for projects that do not fall under the other project types, such as film, animation, games, board games and card series.

You can apply for:
Stipends from 10,000kr to 100,000kr

Travel stipend #

The purpose of these stipends is to support necessary travel for an applicant's professional development. Remember to describe the purpose of the trip and its professional relevance.

You can apply for:
Travel expenses related to participation in subject-related events such as seminars, festivals, workshops, book fairs, study tours and more.

Stipend from 1,000kr to 15,000kr

Activities at Grafills hus #

The purpose of this stipend is to make Grafill's facilities available for professional activities within the subject areas Grafill represents. Activities can last one or more days. Grafill covers expenses for the premises, such as cleaning and gallery hosts during regular opening hours, and do not need to be included in the application sum. 

These activities can either be events that you host and teach, or that you organise on behalf of another designer, for example an international guest visiting Norway.

You can apply for:
Activities in Grafill's house, such as silk-screening workshops, lectures, animation or film screenings, software courses, subject quizzes, drawing evenings or other relevant activities.

Stipend from 10,000kr to 80,000kr

Exhibition stipend at Grafills hus #

The purpose of this stipend is to give designers the opportunity to exhibit works in Grafill's house in Møllergata 39. Exhibitions can last from one day to three weeks, and you can choose how much of Grafill's house you would like to use - the main room, the Glass Room, or both.  Grafill covers expenses for the premises, such as cleaning and gallery host during normal opening hours, and do not need to be included in the application sum. 

Exhibitions must be within the subject areas Grafill represents. Examples of relevant exhibitions Grafill has hosted before includes highlighting the passion and craft involved with Norwegian design, a show of exemplary visual innovation, presenting a significant historical achievement of collection - and many more.

You can apply for:
Small and large exhibitions, display of own or others' works, sales exhibition, installation, film screening or the like.

Stipends from 10,000kr to 80,000kr

Deichman Grünerløkka/Serieteket-stipend #

The purpose of this stipend is to show the diversity of works in comics and illustration. The exhibition is held at Deichman Grünerløkka/Serieteket, the country's only specialised library for comics. Deichman Grünerløkka/Serieteket has the administrative responsibility for implementation and follow-up of the scholarship recipients.

You can apply for:
Funds for the realisation and implementation of an exhibition at Deichman Grünerløkka/Serietekset for comics and illustration.

Stipends from 5,000kr to 25,000kr

Education and enrichment stipend #

The purpose of this stipend is to stimulate self-development through education, such as through courses, niche workshops, supplemental online education and the like. Remember to highlight the value it has for you as a designer and its potential for your career. 

You can apply for:
Grants for professional enrichment, course fees for continuing education, participant costs for further development in supplementary skills, and the like.

Stipends from 5,000kr to 50,000kr

Business development stipend #

The purpose of this stipend is to support practitioners seeking professionalisation in connection with establishing a business within Grafill's area of expertise. A good business plan will aid your application significantly, including an explanation for why this business is relevant or necessary to the applicant's career. 

Note: Grafill stipends are awarded to individuals and not companies, and therefore a strong connection is required between the applicant and the business in order for an application to be considered, such as a significant involvement or ownership in the company.

You can apply for:
Grants for continued development of an existing business, establishment of a new business, expenses in the start-up phase, marketing of expertise/profession, necessary equipment, etc.

Stipends from 10,000kr to 30,000kr

Transitional support for newly educated designers #

The purpose of this stipend is to facilitate the transition to professional worklife after a completed education at bachelor's or master's level within Grafill's subject areas. The application should contain a well thought out plan for using the funds. Establishment grants can be applied for up to two years after graduation, and can only be awarded to an individual once.

You can apply for:
Stipends for setting up your own business, expenses in the start-up phase, marketing of your expertise/profession, necessary equipment and the like.

Stipends from 10,000kr to  30,000kr