About Visuelt

Visuelt is a yearly competition that celebrates creative work in graphic design, illustration, digital design, and moving images created by talented and hard working professionals in Norway. In addition to specific subcategories in each category, Visuelt highlights student work and exciting new talent. Overall, between 600-700 works are sent in each year.

The goal of Visuelt is to highlight all the amazing work put into creative projects and the passionate people who create our visual world, to inspire innovating design, and to promote a high industry standard in visual communication.  

Each submission is carefully evaluated by teams of some of the best experts in the branch, a total jury of 25 Norwegian and international designers. This jury chooses each gold and diploma winners meticulously. Selected from these winners comes a work of extraordinary standard: The Best of Show. To be nominated in any category in Visuelt is an impressive mark of creativity and professional craft, and it is Grafill's honour to celebrate everyone involved with an award ceremony, party, and exhibition each year.

The gold winners in each category are gathered for a yearly exhibition, housed at Grafill's House at Møllergata 39, and then sent on tour around Norway. This is an excellent window into the details of what makes Norwegian design spectaluar, and is particularly well attended by students in visual communications. 

Visuelt has been given out every year by Grafill since its inception in 1993, and has grown to be Norway's largest yearly competition for visual communication. 

For more information, get in touch with our staff.

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  • Benedicte Ebbesen Paulsen, foto Aksel Jermstad

    Benedicte Ebbesen Paulsen


    benedicte@grafill.no +47 982 57 701

    Benedicte har ansvar for faglig kvalitetssikring i Grafill. Hun er del av rådgiverteamet, og arbeider med bransjerelaterte spørsmål, anbudskonkurranser, priser, kontrakter, avtaler og mer. Hun jobber også med strategisk utvikling, stipendordningen, lønnsundersøkelser, Visueltprisen og fagarrangement. Benedicte har mye bransjekunnskap og lang erfaring innen designfeltet med alt fra merkevare- og pakningsprosjekter til organisasjonsutvikling, og er utdannet grafisk designer fra Colorado Institute of Art.