Visuelt 6x10 minutter: Anti&Grandpeople presenterer 666 FRAMES

Under Visueltdagene vil tolv norske foredragsholdere i løpet av ti minutter presentere et av sine siste prosjekter:


A Worldwide Art Project by Anti & Grandpeople

The latest project by Norwegian design agency ANTI & GRANDPEOPLE is to create a worldwide art project, involving 666 artists and performers. The project will result in a book, a film and an exhibition that will travel around the world.

Malin Pettersen, a dancer, choreographer and girlfriend of Satyricon's Sigurd Wongraven stars in a 28 second long art film, consisting of exactly 666 individual images. These images are sent out to the artists who can do whatever they want to them before they are uploaded back to Anti Denim, replacing the original frames. This will create a unique film, which can only be described as an inferno of art.

Justin Bartlett, Kahori Maki, Alexander Brown, Benoit Challand, Mark Riddick, Rafael Diaz, Chris Reddy, Non Format, Xavier Bourdill and Yugi Karta are just some of the international artists who have already participated in 666 FRAMES. The project grows organically online until they have replaced all 666 frames with original works of art.