Food Studio serve wonders of good and honest Nordic food at Visuelt

By acting as a hub connecting food enthusiasts and small-scale producers, Food Studio facilitates the sharing of stories and ideas and the enjoyment of the wonders of good and honest Nordic food. For this event, Food Studio has teamed up with Oslo’s Kantina Westerdals and the coffee experts at Tim Wendelboe to provide all the food and refreshments for the Visuelt days.

All you Visuelt-participants, enjoy!

About Food Studio

Food Studio was founded in Oslo in 2011 and unites an eclectic mix of food professionals, designers and photographers to create experiences around natural Nordic cuisine. Food Studio’s goal is to share the stories of people that believe in good and honest food – food that tastes good, food that has a positive impact on our health, food that’s responsibly produced, food from plants and animals that have been treated well and, above all, food that is inspiring!

Food Studio organises creative dinners, lectures and events centred on sustainable Nordic food. Food Studio takes people on a journey through the best local seasonal produce and challenges people’s perceptions about food by creating new, often unexpected, experiences.