Foredrag: Fraser Muggeridge – Graphic design as process

Grafill R21 Arrangement
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I forbindelse med utstillingen Works on Books inviterer Grafill grafisk design til foredrag med Fraser Muggeridge (UK). 

The rise of WYSIWYG ‘what you see is what you get’ from the early 1980s has put the designer firmly in control. We can see what we are doing, tweak and tweak, then preview the final outcome before committing. Work is easier and quicker to produce and in general standards have improved but one could argue this technology makes things too perfect, too finished. Working within fixed print or production constraints, with a rule or system, but free to experiment through process can create a different type of design that doesn’t primarily rely on the visual to communicate. Images, typefaces, layout configurations, books and teaching assignments can all be generated with this approach.

Fraser Muggeridge is director of Fraser Muggeridge studio, a graphic design company based in Clerkenwell, London. Throughout a wide range of printed formats, from artists’ books to exhibition catalogues, the studio prioritises artists’ and writers’ content over the imposition of a signature style. By allowing images and texts to sustain their own intent and impact, each project is approached with an elegantly pared-down aesthetic, with colour, typography, paper stock and format playing a key role in arriving at a sympathetic yet subtly alluring object.

Fraser Muggeridge founded and is a tutor at Typography Summer School, a week-long programme of typographic study in London for recent graduates and professionals. He is a visiting lecturer at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading and at Camberwell College of Art in London.

Sted: Grafill R21, Rosenkrantz gate 21, Oslo
Tid: Tirsdag 21. november 2017, klokken 18.00

Gratis og åpent for alle. Velkommen!

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