| Trondheim 18:00 – 20:00

Grafill Trøndelag: A Practical Introduction to Image Processing

This lecture will serve as an introduction to key principles of digital image processing and manipulation.

Alejandro V. Rojas will provide input for understanding the basics of digital image editing along with its terminology and range of applications. This will involve examples that attempt to demystify the math and other technical aspects of image graphics, with the goal of understanding a diverse set of algorithms through pseudo-code and interactive examples. Ultimately, this introduction is aimed at anyone interested in learning the core concepts to generate, alter, and animate image graphics regardless of programming language or platform.

Alejandro is an independent graphic designer and programmer based in Oslo working in ongoing partnerships with artists, editors, architects, designers, and institutions.

The lecture will be given in English with free entrance. Simple food and beverage service. Hosted by Grafill and IxDA.

Fredag 24. januar 2020 kl. 18.00–20.00
Bakke Design- og Innovasjonshus
Nordre Berggate 2, 7014 Trondheim