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FIELD exhibition at Grafill R21 - Last week!

Digital art studio FIELD present a new kinetic installation at Grafill this summer August 14th - 31st August. The exhibition is a half digital, half natural landscape of optical phenomena and data inputs. The piece captures a notion of the electromagnetic force of solar eruptions – unnoticeably far away from earth, yet powerful enough to either disrupt our technology-reliant lives, or power them for centuries to come. London-based studio FIELD work at the intersection of art, design and technology, creating expressive and dynamic installations and experiences for web and mobile; for galleries, public installations, and design commissions. Spectra is then beginning of a series of art installations in which FIELD are translating digital and graphical aesthetics into the physical realm: with reflective materials, vibrations of light, and temporal and spatial instability.

August 14th, 18:00 Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn, co-founders of FIELD, will be talking about their studio projects, inspiration and creative process, as well as the new work in the exhibition at Grafill. Not to be missed! There will be free drinks and snacks, first come, first served.

London-based studio FIELD creates expressive and dynamic artworks for digital platforms: audio-visual installations, experiences for web and mobile, and shareable digital artefacts. FIELD has created work for galleries, festivals, and public installations in Europe, the US and Asia – delivering branded art for a global audience, and generative systems for intelligent design solutions. FIELD has worked with Nike, Nokia, Redbull, GE, Museum of London and the British Library – to mention but a few.

Utstillingen står til 31. august 2014

man-fre: 9.00-16.00

Grafill R21
Rosenkrantz gate 21, Oslo