| Bruket 16:00 – 23:55

Fast food for the eyes and ears!

FEED ME! TAKE OUT mini-festival coming up tomorrow, 25th August at Bruket from 16.00 - 01.00. The weather Gods are on our side, as it will be 20c and sun. DJ’s and food in the parking lot from 16.00. Concerts starts at 18.00 sharp.

Prosj* presents:

25 August 2018
Bruket, Schweigaards gate 34C, 0191 Oslo (goo.gl/maps/kHsQBYZTeYq)

Free entrance!

Performances by Jaakko Eino Kalevi w/Farao (Live), DJ Candle in the wind, Taxgorkhan , The Bomb, DJ Pizzaburger & L.A. Morillo and DJ Easy Peeler.

New works from Bjarne Melgaard, VILUNKI3000, Monica Winther, Fettburger, Olli Piippo, Snorre Magnar Solberg, Sveinung Rudjord Unneland, Johannes Høie, Megatron Braineater, Linn Henrichson & Flying Carpet.

BLAD FEED ME! PIZZA BURGER edition incl. publication and 12" record.

Kompass & Co

Grafill / Grafia / Kompass & CO / Finno / TS Trykk / Bruket / NODE Berlin Oslo / The Ventriloquist Press / Bianca Lorntzsen

What started out as a dry desire to re-launch a special edition of B.L.A.D. was quickly drowned in sauce and emerged as a whole-day smorgasbord of delights for all the senses (at once).

Though the name is Take-Out, we encourage Eating In with us at Bruket, Grønlands newest center of fun times for everyone (18+), and celebrate the release of the “Feed Me! Pizza Burger” 12», fresh from the oven, hot, ready and smelling deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious. Mouth-watering live music from hot-buttered acts like Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Dj Candle in the Wind, Taxgorkhan and Mr. Pizza Burger himself, eye-candy by artists like, Bjarne Melgaard, Olli Piippo, Monica Winther and Johannes Høie, and actual, real food from a truckl!

August 25th, Bruket, Schweigaardsgate 34, its gonna be a finger-lickin’ fast food, fast art, fast music, fast design, fast prints (maybe even fast sauna!) fiesta for the stomach and soul! NON-STOP COOKING as of 16:00, don’t be late!


Feed Me! Take Out Vol. 1 is the second event in the Prosj* series initiated by Grafill’s interest group for Graphic Design. The purpose of Prosj * is to challenge today's perception of what graphic design is and what it can be. The Prosj* series investigates the intersection between graphic design and other fields of design and art by inviting practitioners to curate events, exhibitions and debates.

BLAD is an artist fanzine series created by Blank Blank and Fett Burger focusing on experimentation and deconstruction of drawings, with every issue featuring one topic or artist. ‘Blad’ literally is the Norwegian word for ‘leaf', and a ‘blad’ is a ‘magazine’. The pocket size magazines are printed with monochromatic offset machines in Berlin. Since its humble beginnings in 2009 the zine has spread across the world and reached a double-digit number of issues, bringing its weird and wonderful content to far-flung corners of the globe. For full overview of the releases please visit: www.blad.us