| Arkitektur - og designhøgskolen i Oslo 13:00 – 14:30

AHO Guest Lecture: Lavrans Løvlie - A brief History of Service Design

Around 2000, a generation of designers spawned new directions for the profession that promised to take on bigger challenges. The design process was applied to policy, strategy, complex problem solving in general as well as new “design objects” such as services.

Photo: Livework​

Today, Service Design has reached a peak of maturity – particularly in Norway. Designers are given big problems and complex challenges to solve. At the same time, the tools, methods and processes developed over the last 20 years have reached a solid state where improvements seem incremental. The question is whether design has matured enough to take on the important problems worth solving.

If we wish to bring radical new thinking to design practice today, we need to embrace culture, thinking, tools and methods from completely different fields in order to move our own field on. Design needs to step out of the bubble and incorporate real multidisciplinarity in attitude and practice.

The past in this talk is about the development of the field of Service Design over the last 20 years. The present is about design evolving into multidisciplinary practice. When we do, we can give serious challenges the expertise, passion and considerations they deserve.

Lavrans Løvlie started the world’s first service design company, Livework, in London in 2001. The company has offices in London, Rotterdam and Sao Paulo. In September 2018, Livework’s Oslo office merged with consulting company PwC, where Lavrans leads a design team that works closely integrated with a broad range of other expertises.

He has worked internationally in design and innovation with companies like Sony, Samsung, Volkswagen, Gucci, the BBC and the UK National Health Service. In Norway he works with clients like the City of Oslo, DnB, Gjensidige, remarkable and No Isolation.

He is co-author of the books “Service Design from Insight to Implementation” and “Service Design for Business”, published in the US, China, Japan and South Korea. He has also taught at design schools in Italy, Germany, Finland, Danmark and Norway.

Dato: Torsdag 14. mars 2019
Tid: kl. 13:00–14:30
Sted: AHO, Maridalsveien 29, Oslo

Free and open to all.