Our goal is to inspire innovation and creativity and to create the most interesting and relevant meeting place for everyone interested in design and illustration in Europe. 

We have taken on the challenge of creating this festival, because we believe that the international attention we can bring to the Norwegian creative industry will inspire pride and excitement for Norwegian design and illustration.

The festival will represent the industry at all levels, our speakers are key disruptors and influencers in their field - driving everything from huge global campaigns to awe-inspiring personal projects responsible for creating the visual landscape all around us. Our attendees will be a mix of professionals and students, from a wide variety of creative disciplines, who want to learn and be inspired by these global leaders. We are also expecting 200 visiting creatives from Europe.

Mutual benefits
We place great emphasis on mutually beneficial proposals for cooperation. It is essential that each partnership makes sense to everyone involved and is relevant for our audience. 

Opportunities We are open to all forms of collaboration that add relevance and content to the festival, and are open to suggestions. Contribution examples:  

- Vendors for the Night Market at Salt - Studio participation in Studio Walks and Crawls - On-site activities at the conference  - Social media partners - PR - Festival guides - Workshops… and more.

Sponsorship If you are interested in sponsoring any of the festival activities, please get in touch to discuss possibilities and details. 

Sign up! - Are you looking to host a Studio Walk or Crawl?  - Have an exciting idea for an on-site activity or exhibition?  - Want to secure a great space to sell your illustrations, art or designs at the festival's Night Market at Salt? 

Find more information about our partnership options below.

Studio Walk #

Want to open your doors to visiting designers from all over Europe and share the uniqueness of Norwegian creative workplaces? Lets show off our Scandinavian lack of hierarchies, our creative processes and open-minded work ethics. 

This is an opportunity for your studio to showcase some of your best work and get nerdy about what you do with visiting designers from all over Europe. There will be aprox. 15 visitors in each group. 

If you / your studio would like to be one of the presenting studios at the walk, please let us know. Based on the studio applications we will curate 2 to 3 routes in different Oslo neighbourhoods for the walks.

Please contact Iwa - iwa@grafill.no for further details.

Deadline 27th of April.

Send your application here

Studio Crawl  #

The Studio Crawl is like a pub crawl and open-house all rolled into one day inviting people to visit and experience some of Oslo's best design agencies and creative studios. It’s a chance to see where and how you work. This creates a great meeting place for creatives, potential employers, trainees, suppliers, colleagues, students, customers, and more. 

We are seeking agencies and studios that want to be part of the Studio Crawl during the European Design Festival. It is up to each participating studio how you want to showcase your studio and what activities you would like to offer. (Previous crawls co-hosted by Grafill have included all kinds of activities from quizzes, exhibitions, wood-workshops and VR-drawing, film shows, presentations and digital installations to home brewed beer and food trucks. The crawl is not limited festival participants and we encourage the studios to invite their own guests as well. 

If you / your studio would like to be part of the crawl, please let us know and tell us why we should come visit you. Based on the studio applications we will curate a route of 4 to 5 exciting places for the crawl.

Please contact Iwa - iwa@grafill.no for further details.

Deadline 27th of April.

Send your application here

On-site Sponsorship Activities  #

The conference and the awards will take place at the grand Skur 13 warehouse in Filipstad Harbor in Oslo. This magnificent venue allows us to offer exciting spaces for on-site sponsorship activities and exhibitions. We want our on-site sponsors to be active partners in making the conference relevant and vibrant by offering imaginative activities and exhibitions. We are open to anything, but want to make sure there are different types of fun-filled interactions and activities, social arenas, creative workshops, and more. 

We are super-open for suggestions, so please contact us (marianne@grafill.no) if you are interested in more information, costs or have a great idea you want tell us about.

Norwegian Illustration and Design Night Market  #

Do you want to present your unique products for sale at the European Design Festival?

During the festival, Grafill and SALT are hosting a Norwegian illustration and design night market. We invite people of Oslo, visitors and participants of the festival to see what our Norway-based illustrators and designers create. During the market there will be food, drinks, concerts and other activities as well as the opportunity to sell your designs, illustrations and artwork. 

If you are a designer or an illustrator who wants to sell your own products, we want you to join us for this unique Night Market. Products for sale can be everything from books, prints, posters, magazines, cartoons and other elements that represent illustration and design.   The market will be from Friday till Sunday 1st.-3rd of June. 

The available booths have two sizes to choose from, and are rented out for the event at a cost of NOK. 1.000,-/2.000,- for three days.

The marked will be curated, so if you are interested in joining, see here for more information and how to apply.