The European Design Festival 2018 is happening in Oslo Friday 1 June - Sunday 3 June. Creatives from Europe and Norway are attending this international design festival and award show, with conference, studio walks, exhibition, party and more. The event is hosted by Grafill, The Norwegian Organisation for Visual Communication.

The European Design Awards was founded in 2007. A group of people, made out of publishers, journalists, editors and academics, come together on a yearly basis, to gather, evaluate and acknowledge the best examples of communication design in our continent. It is a very special and unique set up, in the sense that it involves the people who curate similar content on an every day basis. As such it also provides participants with an opportunity to make their work visible to a wider audience through the media that the jury members represent. The goal is to celebrate European design with all its regional distinctive elements as well as its common grounds. To facilitate European designers to meet, benchmark, be inspired and build networks. To promote and raise standards for communication design throughout Europe. To properly honour and award people who invest their passion in design. To create a directory of European communication design excellence, where design buyers from around the world will go to in search of collaborators.