Apply to join the SALT Night Market // Norwegian Illustration & Design

Do you want to present your unique products for sale at the European Design Festival 1 - 3 June 2018?

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During the festival, Grafill and SALT are hosting a Norwegian illustration and design night market. We will invite people of Oslo, visitors and participants of the festival to see and purchase the creations of our Norway-based illustrators and designers. Not only will designs, illustrations and artwork be on sale at the market, there will be food trucks, bars and lots of concerts and activities going on too. 

If you are a designer or an illustrator who wants to sell your own products, please join us for this unique Night Market. Products for sale can be anything from books, prints, posters, magazines, cartoons and other elements that represent illustration and design.

The market will be from Friday till Sunday 1st-3rd of June. 
Friday: 15.00-23.00
Saturday: 12.00-23.00
Sunday: 12.00-17.00

How do I present my work
You will have your own booth. Designers and illustrators selling artwork and posters are recommended to go for a big booth. This gives you more wall space to show off your work. Small booths are recommended for designers and illustrators selling smaller products such as cards, magazines, note books etc. You can nail things up on the walls of your booth, but you will need to supply your own materials and tools. Your booth is your own unique booth, and you are free to display your work as you please. 

Small booth: Width 120 cm, height 220cm, depth 80 cm
Small booth cost: 1.000,- NOK for three days.
Big booth: Width 260cm, height 240cm, depth 220cm
Big booth cost: 2.000,- NOK for three days.

How do I sell my work
You are responsible for being present, or having someone present to sell your products during opening hours of the market. You are responsible for having your own Vipps, iZettle and/or cash change. Depending on what works best for you. We definitely recommend cash sale, as well as Vipps/iZettle, as there will be a lot of tourists and international festival guests at the market. Remember that you are responsible for your own products, including their insurance. 

How do I apply
The marked will be curated, so if you are interested in joining, please apply here
Deadline for application is 20nd of April. 

More about the European Design Festival in Oslo 1 - 3 June 2018

Facebook-event - SALT Night Market

European Design Festival:
Friday 1 June - Sunday 3 June 2018, Oslo, Norway
In 2018 the European Design Awards and the Festival is travelling to Oslo. An international design festival and award show, with conference, studio walks, exhibition, party and more. Speakers include Cécile Dormeau, Yara Said and Natasha Jen. The event is hosted by Grafill, The Norwegian Organisation for Visual Communication.

Grafill is an interest organisation for those studying or working within the field of visual communication in Norway. Grafill’s 1350 members are students and professionals working in the areas of graphic design, illustration, animation, comics/cartooning and digital design. 

SALT Art - Music: 
SALT is a nomadic art project currently situated on Oslo’s shoreline, overlooking the city’s famous Opera House. On an area of 5000 square metres, SALT comprises several spectacular wooden constructions designed by Sami Rintala (Rintala Eggertsson Architects). SALT arrange SALT NIGHT MARKED every weekend from spring until September. During the European Design Festival, the SALT NIGHT MARKED focus on Norwegian design and Illustration.