New Layer Group launches

New Layer Group has launched after a year of settling into its new studio on the banks of Akerselva in Nydalen.

New Layer Group

Formed in February 2019, the collective of 8 freelance designers and illustrators all previously worked from the renowned collective studio and print shop of Brenneriveien. After the closure of Brenneriveien, the collective realised an exciting opportunity to remain together, and soon found Badebakken 13, a 3-story brick house, acquired in 2001 after a painstaking process by famed sculptor Bård Breivik. He created a workshop for himself, pledging to leave the restored building for new creative endeavours the day he found no more use for it.

In 2016 Breivik passed away after battling illness. His art and sculpture work remains a prominent fixture in Norway, and Badebakken 13 continues its creative legacy. Now, the ground floor of the building is home to New Layer Group.

The collective comprises an exciting blend of styles, skills and culture. As a designer, illustrator or both, each individual of the collective works under their own company for their own clients, spanning numerous industries and subcultures. New Layer Group performs as the collective’s umbrella and as a framework for collaboration.

The collective: Nick Alexander, Jon Arne Berg, Audun Gjerdi, Tom Lenartowicz (Thrilly), Alexey Novoselov (Novoselove), Fredrik Stabenfeldt, Sveinung Sudbø (Originalkopi), Morteza Vaseghi.

Services: Graphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Concept Development, Visual Identity, Digital Design, Editorial Design, Typography, Book Design, Poster Design, Packaging, Record Covers, Wayfinding, Signage, Murals, Advertising, Social Media, Naming, Copywriting.


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New Layer Group