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Do you need to convince your boss to buy you a ticket for the European Design Festival this week? Here is a ready-to-use text. If you’ve got one of those no-time-to-waste leaders, we've even made a convincing recording they can listen to while doing all that busy busy-stuff they do. Just press play and enjoy. We’re pretty sure this will do the trick, so see you at the festival!

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Disclaimer: You may want to make sure your boss is not drinking a hot beverage while listening. Involuntary laughter and/or spluttering has been known to happen.


[boss name here]

Have I told you lately why you are the perfect boss for me? You always take my suggestions seriously and give me the feedback I need - good or bad. I know you do this because you want me to grow and become the best I can be at what I do. Thank you for taking my professional development so seriously.

I am emailing you now, because yet again I have been invited to participate in an exclusive event for professionals who need to stay updated and ahead in the creative field. Last year I asked for a day off and a ticket to a design festival organised by Grafill. Well, guess what?! This year I just need the ticket. 

The European Design Festival is coming to Oslo on the WEEKEND of June 1-3.  I am more than willing to invest my free time to pursuing connections to potential clients and collaborators travelling from all over Europe. With this year’s  truly exhilarating conference line-up, I promise to become inspired and learn new methods that will make me even more efficient and extraordinary than last year. 

Did I mention that this is all happening here in Oslo? Right in our own back fjord? Since we’re saving a load on travel expenses, maybe you would consider bringing our whole [team, department, company]? Those of us who are Grafill members get a great discount price. That way you can reap the benefits of increased motivation, work effort and team spirit not just from me, but from all of us!

As always, your most devoted employee,
[your name here]

Sound recording for your boss