Price it Right

Den europeiske kampanjen Price it Right er lansert av European Illustrators Forum (EIF), hvor Grafill er en av 18 medlemsorganisasjoner. Vi støtter helhjertet denne kampanjen, som blant annet oppfordrer begge avtaleparter til klare og transparente forhandlinger om pris.

Price It Right Target Fnl

Price it Right is a new campaign which the European Illustrators Forum launched in March 2018. The campaign supports illustrators and commissioners to be confident in pricing and negotiating work. We know that effective negotiation takes place with clear and effective pricing and clarity on fees. This benefits both illustrator and commissioner. The campaign builds on the shoulders of excellent don’t work for free campaigns.  

Why is the campaign needed? #

Confidence in Pricing
Illustration has a logical pricing structure, with commissioners paying for what they want (and not what they don’t need) with a licence. It’s a straightforward system, but one which needs to be clearly priced.  We recognise that some illustrators and commissioners are not always confident in pricing commissions.

Valuing Illustration
Sometimes assumptions are made about usage which are not reflected in the offered fee.  This can lead to illustration being devalued, and the licencing model ignored.  

Supporting Business
Negotiation is always part of pricing, but those negotiations should be informed and come from a place of clarity. All work should be priced following the standard criteria of usage of the illustration, duration of the licence and the territory the licence will cover.  

What will the campaign achieve? #

Clear, transparent negotiations.
The value of illustration being maintained.
Increased confidence and understanding of pricing commissions.

How can I get involved? #

Price your work right!  
If you are unsure of pricing get in touch with your membership association for advice and guidance.  

Tell everyone about it!  
Illustrators and Commissioners can include download the Price it Right logo to display, advertising that you welcome transparent, fair pricing in all work.

Follow us!  
Share you experiences of Pricing it Right at #priceitright and be part of the fair pay movement.

Who is behind this campaign? #

This campaign is delivered by the European Illustrators Forum (The EIF), and will run for one year. The EIF have 18 association members and speak on behalf of over 12,000 illustrators across Europe and the rest of the world.


– I’ve learned over the years never to be rushed into making a pricing decision. Certainly don’t start quoting figures verbally, off the top of your head as soon as you’ve been contacted about a job. Do your research, get advice, compare with other jobs you’ve done and be sure to get as much information from your client about the potential job so you can quote more accurately - and tell them that. If you present your quote confidently and clearly laid out, then it will be taken more seriously and more likely to be accepted.