Here are the results from the Nordic design industry study

These are the results of the first ever comprehensive study of the Nordic design industry. The study reveals that there are far more design professionals in the Nordic countries than previously thought.

Nordic Design Survey

Furthermore, the study offers new insights into how designers operate in a Nordic context. These insights are crucial in order to provide a more solid understanding of the design field in the Nordics.

The study is launched by a pioneering collaboration between five Nordic design organisations: Danish Design Center, Design and Architecture Norway, Design Forum Finland, Iceland Design Centre and Swedish Industrial Design Foundation.

The mapping of the Nordic design resource is based on both classic data and new data. Classic data covers data from national registers and data from a survey among 2,852 design professionals in the Nordics. New data covers data from 12,594 design resource LinkedIn profiles as well as and data from design-related websites.

The study is co-funded by Nordic Innovation and is conducted by Seismonaut.