Opptak: The Basics of Artificial Intelligence for Creatives

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Artificial Intelligence is affecting designers across the world in complex and unforeseen ways. Let's begin untangling this knot together by learning more about how it works, what is being done about it, and where do we go from here.

Artificial Intelligence isn't a new concept - it has been sneaking its way into our every day life for the past decade, and now it has done the impossible: created art. 

In this two hour lecture we hope to go through the basics of what this technology is, how it was developed and how it works, in addition to an overview of the hefty political, judicial, and ethical discussions happening around the world related to A.I.. We end with a summary of the kinds of problems this exciting but terrifying new tool presents to us in the creative field before opening up for questions from the audience. 

We at Grafill understand that this technology is divisive, and hope to create the arena for you to learn more about the topics that affect your career. This is part of a larger series of events at Grafill about A.I. which started in Fall 2022, and will continue as the need grows. We are always open to hearing more about what you are thinking and how we can best help!

About the lecturer:
Liz Ramsey is a cultural advocate and creative potato, working in project management, teaching, start-ups, community building and more. Liz grew up an internet kid in the 90s, and her fascination with the future is only matched by her love for drawing and storytelling.

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Dato: Tuesday 28. February 2023
Time: Doors open 1730, event starts at 1800.
Place: Grafills Hus i Møllergata 39, Oslo

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The Basics of Artificial Intelligence for Creatives