Post Design Tangle, SELF

Grafill, Møllergata 39 Lokallag-arrangement
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The Post Design Tangle comes to Oslo for two inspiring days with a workshop, an exhibition, and an international symposium about graphic design and visual communication, 23-24 September. The festival will fill the Grafill house and the nearby gallery space, Podium with people from all over the world to listen, question, share and talk about the visual communicator’s role in society. Join in on the conversation!

The program
In the daytime Friday and Saturday, you can get your hands dirty with the experimental workshop “Chimera Gastronomy”, facilitated by communications designer Noam Youngrak Son at Podium in Hausmansgata 34.

In the afternoon we come together at Grafill in Møllergata 39 to listen to artist talks by type designer and educator Laurenz Brunner, designer and queer publishing practitioner Noam Youngrak Son, designer, artist and AI design researcher Nushin Yazdani, designer and artist Sophie Douala, and Oslo-based artists’ collective Tenthaus. Before, between and after talks there will be time to mingle and connect.

The event concludes with a closing reception and exhibition at Podium on Saturday night.

The second chapter of the Post Design Tangle is co-organized and hosted by Grafill in Oslo to help embed the festival in the local design scene. Reduced ticket prices are available for members of Grafill and design students. Tickets are both affordable and limited.

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The festival
The second chapter, SELF, will take place from 23–24 September 2022 in central Oslo, Norway, bringing together four wildly inspiring designers and an artists' collective for two intense days. Co-organized and hosted by Grafill, the festival will investigate how the body, personal identity and the situated knowledge of the self/selves can inform the work of designers and artists.

Spanning two years, four locations, and a patchworked, online hub, the Post Design Tangle is a bind that ties together communities across the Nordics and the digital world; it’s an informal circuit of flashing cables and intimate, in-person conversations. In four chapters, the festival takes us deep into the theme of “entanglement,” where we’ll unravel the intersections, interconnections, and invisible strings that give shape to our visual and political surroundings.

The Post Design Tangle is generously funded by the Nordic Culture Fund, the Danish Arts Foundation and project partners.

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