CreativeMornings: Why designers are the super heroes of the green shift

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In this CreativeMornings talk, Julie Sand Fuglum, Head of Insight and Innovation, and Gøril Julin, Head of Creativity & Engagement, at NoA Ignite, will talk about the power of design in the green shift, and how great power comes with great responsibility.

To design is to create — out of nothing, something. To design is to play — an invitation to stay open and curious and reimagine in new ways. To design is to think — a method of learning through making, scraping failed experiments for fresh insight. To design is to be human.

Designers are called to operate in a way that transcends disciplines, making it possible to understand the world in all its complexity and envision passageways to more just futures. At their best, designers center the experiences of people whose needs have been overlooked, stepping outside of themselves and into their shoes. Design asks of us empathy and humility, if we are brave enough to answer.

Friday 5th November, 08:00-09:00
Zoom-event (you will receive a link to attend in your registration email)

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