Delta på workshop med Colophon Foundry uten Visuelt-billett

With this stencil every letter of the alphabet – including numerals, small caps, punctuation, ... – can be constructed.

Vi har nå åpnet for at alle kan melde seg på workshop med Colophon Foundry - også de som ikke skal delta på Visueltdagene.

Hvor: Grafill R21
Når: Torsdag 30. mai, kl 9-16
Pris: 600,-

Send mail til for å melde deg på.

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About the workshop

In this workshop participants will be asked to create a typeface utilising restrictions. We will be looking at the possibilities of building up elements to quickly create and set the basis of typefaces  — a notion that is able to be applied throughout type design. We will also look at how working with physical materials can be utilised to give a basis of understanding type drawing. The workshop requires no knowledge of type design or software. We will be working separately, creating type by hand primarily — not necessarily in a calligraphic way —but utilising systems with physical objects and materials. At the end of the workshop, we will evaluate the results with the group. One-to-one mentoring will be provided throughout. It would be useful if participants are able to bring their own laptop.

About Colophon Foundry

Colophon is an independent type foundry set up by London-based design studio, The Entente (Anthony Sheret & Edd Harrington). As well as distributing and acting as a platform for fonts designed by The Entente, it selects fonts designed by other designers to distribute and create products for.