Unit Editions talk and pop-up shop

The team of Adrian Shaughnessy and Sam Stevenson will be attending the Visuelt Festival in October.

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Unit Editions talk #

Co-founder of Unit Editions, Adrian Shaughnessy, will give a talk entitled "Publishing in the Age of the Internet." In his talk he will discuss what it means to publish books on graphic design at a time when physical book sales are falling and when nearly every piece of graphic design can be seen online - free. He will also show how Unit Editions has found a way of surviving without joining the traditional publishing industry, and how Unit uses the internet to promote and distribute its books.

Mathallen Rom 2, Vulkan
Kl 10.30-11.30

Åpent for alle, men de med festivalbillett Bold/Light prioriteres.
Påmelding innen 8. oktober.

Unit Editions pop-up shop #

Unit Editions production manager Sam Stevenson will run a bookstall during the event, and both Adrian and Sam will be available to discuss all aspects of book publishing.

Unit Editions is a progressive publishing venture producing high-quality and good value books on graphic design and visual culture. They combine impeccable design and production standards with insightful texts and informative commentaries on a wide range of subjects. Stop by to browse the selection, chat with Adrian and Sam and treat yourself to a visual goodie!

Mathallen Mezzaninen, Vulkan
Kl 11.00-17.00

Åpent for alle.

Unit Editions is a collaboration between Tony Brook (Spin) and Adrian Shaughnessy (ShaughnessyWorks) and brings the notion of the book as a highly designed artefact with rich visual and textual content to an international audience of design professionals, design students and followers of visual culture.

Unit Editions produces books for designers by designers.