Bli kjent med Andreas, Espen og Jonas

What is your most important source of inspiration?
Nowadays, I mainly look to art and architecture for inspiration. Contemporary artists Alicja Kwade and Klara Lidén are current favourites.

Andreas Friberg Lundgren #

Who or what has influenced you most to pursue a career in Design?
The realization that everything around us; from the grand freightships docking in Gothenburg's harbour - to the paper that your 4 AM falafel is wrapped in - is designed by somebody.

How do you recognize a great idea?
A great idea gives a both physical and intellectual sensation. Whilst immediate and felt in the gut, it has layers and depth. A great idea may present itself in the matter of seconds or years.

Andreas är Design Director och en av två grundare av design och utvecklingsbyrån Lundgren Lindqvist. Under företagets åtta år har han arbetat med kunder som Apple, Ericsson, American Express, BMW och Sony Music. Andreas arbeten har publicerats i böcker, magasin och designbloggar världen över. Han har även ställts ut på gallerier i London, Arnhem och Göteborg.

Espen Aaeng #

Who or what has influenced you most to pursue a career in Design?
I wasn´t influenced by anyone in particular before deciding to study design; I simply followed my interests from when I was a little kid, where I used to draw and play alot with magazine-cutouts and making collages, doodling while on the phone, and collecting old LP´s judging the music by their covers :) When I started studying in art college, my main influences were from the skateboard-movement and music industy. Artists such as Kurt Schwitters, Milton Glaser, Neville Brody, Hipgnosis, Kim Hiortøy, David Carson were also inspirational.

Espen har en mastergrad i Visual Communication fra University of Brighton 2004 og en bachelor Visual Communication Design, Middlesex University 1999. Han har for det meste jobbet med design av digitale løsninger som formgiver, konseptutvikler og interasksjonsdesigner i Try/Apt siden 2007. Tidligere jobbet han i Cox Design og Icon Medialab. Av kunder kan nevnes DNB, Kunnskapsdepartementet, NSB, Forbrukerrådet, Finn, Tine, Stabburet, Volkswagen.

Jonas Feiring #

What is your most important source of inspiration?
I take my most important inspiration from the passion of people around me. People who try to do things differently or strive for perfection, in whatever field the are. People who are hungry and daring. I also take a lot inspiriation from from my kids. They constantly remind me of how important it is to be playful and not accepting the rules.

What project would you like to be working on now? Why?
That would have to be one of my private projects that´s currently not getting enough love. Client work is consuming most of my time these days and I think it´s probably a callenge for all designers to ballance between what pays your bills and what makes your heart beat faster.

Who or what has influenced you most to pursue a career in Design?
The day I realized that one could actually make a living of doing all this crazy creative stuff, like drawing, buliding and working with computers, I was pretty happy. That was a good day. I´ve never considered a "real" job ever since.

How do you recognize a great idea?
Great Ideas are everywhere. They are usually recognizable as very simple and focused. But the hard part is making them happen. Execution. That´s were all the real work is.

You’re organizing a design conference. Who would you invite as your keynote speaker? Why?
Det måtte vært en paneldebatt med Dieter Rams og Jonathan Ives.

Jonas har jobbet med design og produktutvikling av digitale løsninger i over 15 år. Han har hatt spesiell interesse for mobil teknologi og mobile tjenester i flere år. Jonas har vært ansvarlig for mobil og ny teknologi i Scandinavian Design Group. I Making Waves jobbet han som strategisk rådgiver med fokus på innovasjon, ny teknologi og helhetlig tjenesteutvikling. Fra 2012 var Jonas Feiring aktiv partner og designansvarlig i Nordaaker Consulting AS. Blant kundene Jonas har jobbet med er NSB, 1881, Telenor, Telenor Mobil, Kaffebrenneriet, Arbeidstilsynet, Statoil, Vital, DnB nor, Netlife Research, Move About, Stig og Stein, NUPI, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Nordea, Carrot Communication, NetCom, Tekna, Norden Investment Banking, Helsedepartementet, Fagforbundet, LO og ABC Startsiden. Jonas har mottatt flere utmerkelser og sittet som jurymedlem i både Gulltaggen, Gulltasten og Merket for god design.