Meet Multitouch Barcelona

_Multitouch Barcelona, has someone or something impressed you lately?
All those people who have and idea and no matter how, but they try to make it happen one way or another. We see that this number of people is growing day by day thanks to internet and because the people share their knowledge without seeking a profit. This is beautiful.

Multitouch Barcelona Til Visuelt

_Do you have a skill that is unknown to people around you?
We are not huge specialists in nothing, but we have a great hunger for knowledge and a great combination of profiles. We think that this hunger is the most valuable skill that we have in the studio. We are not afraid of trying new things and failing.

_What makes a good customer in your eyes?
We think that a good customer is  the one that knows what he wants, the one that is open minded, the one that is not afraid of trying new things,
respects the creativity and is professional with the business.

_Do you have a favorite app? And is there a good app regarding your working field?
In our field we have to use a huge combination of different apps to achieve a final result, so we dont have a favorite one. But regarding web services, we use a lot Tumblr, and now were trying Zootool to have an inspiration database, with references, videos, links, images, etc for every project that we create.

_Where are you in ten years time?
We hope that the studio will grow, and we can keep doing what we love, interaction design.

_When did you last surprise yourself?
We surprise ourselves every time that one project that we have in our mind became real. We think that building things from scratch give you an incomparable feeling when you can see the final result.

_How will you describe a perfect day at work?
A perfect day at work will be to receive an email with a new interactive project proposal with a deadline longer than two weeks for doing the whole project. Oh yeah! This will be heaven!

_Do you have an event at your work that has a positive effect on the social environment?
We dont, but this question made us realize that we need one.

_Do you have any expectations for your visit to Norway and Visuelt in May?
Will be our first time in this beautiful country, so we expect have a lot of fun and meet great people!