Meet Bompas & Parr

_Bompas & Parr, when did you last surprise yourself?

While we were building Mt Rocky, a vast 32ft chocolate based climbing wall. We effectively installed a  fully operational theme park ride in two and a half days with the team working round the clock to get it complete. It rained non-stop for the build and the team's grit and determination was awe-inspiring.

_Do you have a skill that is unknown to people around you?

Harry and I are psychic.

_What makes a good customer in your eyes?

A well fed customer. We like to put a smile on people's faces with food.

_Do you have a favorite app? And is there a good app regarding your working field?
Not yet!

_Where are you in ten years time?

Bringing an iceberg into New York harbour to use for cocktails.

_Someone or something that has impressed you lately?
Ivan Day the food historian ( is our absolute food hero. He has seven different mechanical roasting mechanisms in front of his open fire including one powered by a cannon ball.

_How will you describe a perfect day at work?
The perfect day at work would involve five significant meals each bigger than the last culminating in a whole roast ox to feed 500.

_Do you have an event at your work that has a positive effect on the social environment?

There's a certain joy in jelly. Slap a jelly on the table and it brings everyone pleasure.

_Do you have any expectations for your visit to Norway and Visuelt in May?
We're planning on hitting Oslo hard. Our graphic designer at B&P is from Trondheim and has given us all her Norwegian hot tips. So there will be no sleep at all when we are in Norway.

(Photo: Greta Ilieva)