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Social Oriented Design is a research based group located in Norway. Our goal is to investigate the possibility of solving socially related problems through graphic design. We also aim to enquire as to whether behaviour and social activities might be connected to visual surroundings, and how this might be positively challenged to influence interaction. The group aims to develop an international network accessible to our students; to help them understand the values of sharing, experimenting and researching, to expand their creative boundaries and to trigger their curiosity.

To make a long story short. Our goal is to find effective and cost free solutions to solve social related problems (these problems can be big or small). The main team is located in Oslo, Norway, but we also work with partners and students in Russia, England and France.

Our first exhibition will try to highlight the fact that loneliness is a very important problem in our society. A taboo. We have done research about this specific subject during the past 8 months and came out with possible solutions to, if not solve it, make the problem visible and understood.

Utstillingen står fra 14. - 16. januar.

Velkommen til åpning, onsdag 14. januar kl. 18.00.

Grafill R21
Rosenkrantz gate 21


S.O.D. members

Kitty Lossius, Saq Imtiaz, Hilde Lorentzen, Håvard Andestad Langmoen, Liv Santos Holm, Julia Baulin, Jannicke Johansen, Umer Ahmed, Sunniva Mellbye, William Løwe Stormdal, Marte Andresen and Anna Ducros

Kazans Maria, Alena Sheleeva, Leo Krokholev, Polina Chadaeva, Natalie Levis, Nastya Berz, Kate Farutina, Ksenia Gorbunova, Victorina Rodionova, Anastasia Mambovna, Dina Nazarova, Andrei Nikitin, Tatiana Zhukova and Ekaterina Kasakovska

Marion Vigouroux, Emmeline Hugot and Pierre-Jean Berot-Fonquernie

Beth Heald, Stephy Wright and Harry Livingstone

Team leaders:
Anna Kholina (Russia) and Yann CM B (Norway)