Foredrag: Niklas Ekholm - Graphic expressions of coexistence

Grafill R21 Arrangement
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I forbindelse med utstillingen ‘­Works on Books’ inviterer Grafill grafisk design til foredrag med Niklas Ekholm.

Things we have taken for granted are forcing us to recognize their agency on a planetary scale. Memes affect the atmosphere and the sharing of canned graphic expressions by far outweighs the amount of physical interaction. Background becomes foreground and the subject is revealed as an object among others. An ordinary day for a designer or any teenager, but is there something we are missing? How can type design practice be informed by anthropocene awareness and an object oriented ontology?

This talk also marks the release of thirteen new “optical” weights for the typeface Bookish. Trials handed out for free and the full font will become available in the recently opened Helsinki Type Studio web shop.

About Helsinki Type Studio
Helsinki Type Studio is a collaboration of type designers. United by a bias for the current and the eccentric. Finding contemporary resonances in the visual stream of past and present culture. Design for art, erotics, fashion, and enjoyment.

Niklas Ekholm is a designer specializing in typography and other graphic expressions of visual identity. While studying type design in The Hague, he founded Helsinki Type Studio, subsequently designing typefaces for SSAW Magazine, Adult Magazine, Oras faucets, The Ministy of Foreign Affairs, and later focusing on experimental workshops around europe, performances, calligraphy and lecturing in Helsinki Design School. Simultaneously, Niklas also has a long collaborative relationship with the crative agency Kokoro & Moi, leading several projects such as branding and information design for Helsinki Regional Transport, the Executive Office of Helsinki and many more. Most projects also involve custom type design, among them the Finnish Cultural Institute, Fazed Café, Helsinki Design Week, Dumbo Arts Center, Hello Ruby, Slush, and most recently the Centenary celebrations of Finnish independence.

Sted: Grafill R21, Rosenkratz gate 21.
Dato: 23. November 2017
Tid: kl.18.00

Arrangementet er gratis og åpent for alle. Velkommen!

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