Graphic Placemaking #2:  Snøhetta and Growlab Oslo (streaming)

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Graphic Placemaking is an event series by Grafill Grafisk Design exploring the power of culture-driven design in urban planning. How can visual designers, architects and urban planners create value together?

In the second event of the series, we have invited Snøhetta and Growlab Oslo to share some of their experiences as creative agencies challenging the traditional disciplines. While both companies have a multidisciplinary approach and are passionate about many of the same topics – Snøhetta is a design veteran working on large scale projects all over the world, while Growlab represents a new generation of transdisciplinary designers focusing on local change. In this event, there will be a special focus on projects where topics such as social sustainability, public ownership and inclusive cities take a central role in the project offering.

Martin Gran - Partner and Managing Director of Snøhetta Design

Snøhetta is a multidisciplinary design agency, covering fields such as visual design, architecture, product design and landscape architecture. Snøhetta has offices in Oslo, New York, Innsbruck, San Francisco, Paris, Hong Kong and Adelaide.

In this lecture, Martin will focus on Snøhetta's inclusive co-creation methodology and philosophy and projects around the world. Snøhetta will emphasize the projects where social sustainability is the driver and how their design projects can deliver added value to social interactions. How can design in all scales influence people’s daily life? How can we design public ownership?


Growlab Oslo
Mads H. Pålsrud, Co-founder and designer of Growlab

Growlab Oslo is a cross-disciplinary group of designers, architects and urban activists living and working in Oslo. Growlab's expertise ranges from facilitating inclusive and collaborative processes, from visual communication to architecture. They work with multidisciplinary processes and collaborate with anthropologists, artists, landscape architects and others in their projects.

In this lecture, Mads will talk about their work focused around creating positive change and how they strive for inclusive cities with an active population. They specialize in human-focused design, participatory methods and in facilitating processes that result in locally rooted projects based on real needs. They also work actively to engage and inspire people to become change agents to achieve more people-driven social development.


The event is organised by Grafill Grafisk Design.
It's free, open to all, and will be held in English.

Torsdag 21. november 2019
klokka 18.00-20.00
Grafill R21, Rosenkratz gate 21, Oslo


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Graphic Placemaking - Snøhetta and Growlab Oslo