Grafill Interaktiv: The power of 3D in the browser (WebGL) – William Mapan

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Want to know what the web might look like in the future? Our guest William Mapan from Make Me Pulse in Paris could have the answer.

William Mapan is an animation and design driven creative coder. Working at Make Me Pulse, he's trying to make the best use of technology and design to offer innovative content to the world.

Do you remember Flash? Flash was a tool responsible for fancy experimental webpages in the early 00s. It gave designers superpowers on the web. Today, Flash has been replaced by WebGL.

WebGL is the modern answer to 00s Flash, only much better, and a lot more powerful. In his talk William will explore the boundaries of this new technology. What it is. State of the art examples. And how graphic designers and illustrators can use WebGL to make unique experiments.

Make Me Pulse is an interactive production company. They use emerging technologies to connect consumers to brands. They focus on real-time 3D, WebGL/WebVR, Augmented/Mixed Reality, AI and Big Data.

Torsdag 29. august
Kl. 18.00 – 19.00
Grafill R21,
Rosenkrantz gate 21, Oslo

Did you know there’s also a workshop? Learn to build your own beautiful experiments.