EARLYNERD: Arifur Rahman - the story of a Bangladeshi cartoonist (10.11)

Grafill R21 Arrangement, Earlynerd

Arifur Rahman - a Bangladeshi cartoonist living in Norway
Torsdag 10. november 2016
Fra kl 0800 til 0930

The talk will be held in Norwegian.

In Bangladesh Arifur Rahman is known as Cartoonist Arif, because of his cartooning activities. His first cartoon was published in 2004, and in 2007 he was offered a job by a newspaper and started working for them, drawing comic series and political cartoons. The newspaper published one of his 4-box comic strips. The strip was about a boy being told to use the name Mohammad on a cat. Because of this drawing, there was a huge demonstration against him, he lost his job and was arrested. Islamic Fundamentalist found that he had insulted their prophet, and he also got Fatwa, they called him Murtad, which means not Muslim anymore, and in Islam someone who is allowed to be killed. In prison Islamic fundamentalist tortured him and tried to kill him.

Arifur was in prison for 6 months and 2 days. After that he still received many death threats by Islamic Fundamentalist. Even some attacks. All the newspapers decided that they would not publish my cartoons anymore, so he worked anonymously with an animation studio as an artist, and also as a book illustrator.

In 2009 another lawyer court convicted him for the same cartoon and he was in prison for another 2 months and had to pay a fine. The same year he found his name in an Islamic Sharia website with a list of 24 wanted people, including Salman Rushdie. It was not safe for him to stay in Bangladesh anymore. Cartoonist rights network international and ICORN (International cities of refuge network) helped him move to a safe country.

On 1st of December 2010 he came to Norway as a guest cartoonist of ICORN in Drøbak.

Vi byr på kaffe og noe å bite i fra kl 0800.
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Grafill R21
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