Demo with Richie Chlaszczak and Carl Fredrik Angell

Grafill R21 Arrangement
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In connection with the exhibition "Glass and Gold" by Richie Chlaszczak, Richie and Frisso will have a demonstration of basic lettering and gilding techniques in sign painting.

Carl Fredrik Angell and Richie Chlaszczak of Christiania Design & Skiltmaling will be showing the basic use of traditional brush and gilding techniques in sign painting and gilding on glass. In this short demo, participants will get a chance to try lettering with a brush and work with gold leaf.

Christiania Design & Skiltmaling will also announce dates for lettering and gold leaf workshop at the demo.

This is a golden opportunity to learn more about lettering and gilding techniques and also get a look at the exhibition before it close the 1st of December.
The demo is free, but you need to sign up.

28. November 2019
Klokka 15.30 - 18.00
Grafill R21, Rosenkrantz gate 21, Oslo

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