CreativeMornings Oslo: Survival

Grafill R21

CreativeMornings Oslo: SURVIVAL
Kim Haagensen "The struggle is real"

Kim Haagensen is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of weClean. weClean is a cleaning company who build the organization and the operation on hard work, principle of solidarity and technology. The company has won numerous awards for their technology and are well known for their socialist hippie mindset. 

Kim has made a mark for himself recent years as a speaker and political debater, known for his brutally honest opinions and ridicule of own experiences. As a preacher of transparency and ownership, he will share his experiences of how to survive as a creative initiator in the unicorn chasing entrepreneur world.

Friday June 30th
Doors open at 7:30am
Talk begins at 8am. Everyone can leave for work by 9am.
Grafill R21, Rosenkrantz gate 21, 0160 Oslo