CreativeMornings: Liz Ramsey – Fumbling Around

Grafill R21 Arrangement
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Grafill is hosting this month CreativeMornings and we are lucky to have super woman Liz Ramsey talking about Community.

CreativeMornings are having Liz Ramsey, artist and founder of creative collaborative space Blank Space speak at the August event about Community at Grafill R21. Doors Open at 7:30, Warm-up starts promptly at 8:00.

Liz Ramsey works as a professional weirdo who enables the artistic community to find opportunities, be challenged, and establish a healthier, stronger, and more diverse world to create in. She is convinced 50% of her job is therapy - and when you are running one of Norway's most proactive art collectives, she isn't too far off.

In this 20-minute lecture, Liz will explain what makes her business work - the transparency that we are all just fumbling around trying our best to find purpose, posterity, or peace and that the key to it all is having some great people standing next to you, going through the same storm.

Since founding Blank Space in Oslo over 5 years ago, Liz has spread her love for visual communication through countless collaborations, big and small, and is steadily becoming known as Oslo's go-to cultural advocate. Liz shares her passion for art and culture by bringing high quality opportunities direct to the people in as many ways as possible.

Due to her wide experience across the creative professional world, and her hungry soul, she has developed a unique resume for getting things done, if not in the most traditional of ways. From festival coordination, public speaking, creative project management, art direction, design, and more - Liz's portfolio is as crazy as the people she works with.

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Details of this month's event:
Date: 31.08.2108
Time: 7:30-09.00
Speaker: Liz Ramsey
Warm-up: TBA
Venue: Grafill R21, Rosenkrantz' gate 21, 0160 Oslo
Breakfast: TBA sponsored by Making Waves