AHO utlyser flere ledige stillinger

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) is a specialized university and a leading international architecture and design school that provides education within architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism and design. AHOs fields of knowledge focus on design in all scales, objects, buildings, urban areas and landscaping. AHO is organized into four institutes, and has approx. 700 students and 145 employees.

The Institute of Design adopts a broad, holistic approach to design that emphasizes the relevance and importance of design within our contemporary society. It teaches and researches within the fields of industrial design, interaction design, service design, and systems oriented design, as well as themes that go across these disciplines, such as healthcare or maritime industry. Our perspective is that good design creates aesthetic and functional products, services, and experiences that delight and improve the lives of their users.

Assistant Professor in Interaction Design

Assistant Professor in Service Design 50%

Associate/ Assistant Professor in Service Design 50%

Associate/Assistant professor in Systems Oriented Design 50%

PhD Position in System Oriented Design - Designing for very complex systems

PhD- Bridging Service Design and Interaction Design for Future Health Services