| Stavanger 20:00 – 23:00

Grafill Stavanger: Racecar - Tell your stories with videos

Anders Fabritius, Manager and creative producer at Racecar, will tell us how his company work with motion graphic and what are the upcoming trends.

Fabritius will also tell us how motion graphic can be relevant for clients and how the message has to be delivered in a meaningful way. Through Racecar wide portfolio, Fabritius will give us some useful tips on how you can produce and sell motion graphic that will be kept in people’s mind.

Racecar is a multiple award-winning motion graphics design studio located in Oslo. They produces adverts and informational films, which sometimes blend into what you might call ‘infotainment’ or ‘infomercials’, for private and public companies and departments. They have been in the business since 2002 and use their experience in design and animation to help their national and international clients.

Free for Grafill members, students and unemployed
150 kr for non-members.

Torsdag 22. november 2018
kl. 20.00–23.00
Østervåg 43, 4006 Stavanger