| Grafill R21 19:00 – 22:00

Grafill Interactive are happy to present an evening with ART+COM

Grafill Interactive are happy to present an evening with ART+COM. Hailing from Berlin, where they design and develop innovative media installations, environments and architectures - this evening will be a chance to hear two talks on their work and approach, take part in a Q&A and to socialize.


Wednesday 6th February
19:00 - 22.00

How much does it cost?
Free entry

Will there be food and drinks?
Yes, a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be free for attendees. No food though.


talk I: 'Materialized Media' – Hermann Klöckner

In the last years Media has expanded into something much broader then back in the days when it was called "New Media". Parallel to the commonly observed takeover of the internet, there is a striking renaissance of the physical. Beyond screens, keyboard and mice a growing reality of media that rather relies on physical matter in all it's diversity. This paradigm shift - from illusion to real is the focus of ART+COMs work.

talk II: 'Please Behave' - Researching and Teaching holistic interaction design – Katina Sostmann

By designing the whole experience – may it be be software, hardware or, as in most cases the intense combination of both, designers can reach a new quality in their work. Exploring the behavior of things, design of situations and the interaction between humans and objects, Katina provides insights in the process and shows examples from teaching at UdK, The Berlin University of the Arts, and CdK Hangzhou, China.


Drinks / socialising


A one day workshop run by ART+COM Berlin and brought to you by Grafill Interaktiv. Come and create your own wallpaper with our interactive, generative, crazy, wallpaper creation machine.

Thursday February 7th 9.00 - 17.00

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Sorry, no more seats!


In the mid 1980s an interdisciplinary group of designers, architects and artists coming from various departments of the Berlin University of the Arts and hackers from the ChaosComputerClub foresaw that the upcoming digital technology was not only a tool, but potentially a (mass) medium. Therefore ART+COM was founded as an non-profit organisation to explore the new mediums applied possibilities in the fields of art, design, science and technology.

In 1994 when ART+COM received commissions of commercial projects the organisation became officially a company with limited liability. Since 1998 the design studio is owned mainly by its employees, board members as well as the former organisation members.

From the very beginning ART+COM has pioneered the development of this medium, and has conceived and realized communication formats, design principles and technologies that have become pervasive concepts in today’s world. Ranging from artistic installations and design-focused projects to technological innovations and inventions, ART+COM’s work includes different kinds of formats: Autoactive, reactive and interactive objects and installations, media-based environments and architectures.

Although often very complex, the projects are always driven by the content and not by the technology. Despite having grown and professionalised its operations, ART+COM remains dedicated to its original cause from nearly 25 years ago: to design innovative and original projects to pave the way for the future of media-based communications.